Thor Week: Thor’s costumes

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Jesus take the—BUCKY NO


Jesus take the—BUCKY NO

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its a vicious cycle

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The brutality, the sacrifice… it changes you.

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i’m really glad you guys understand how important this is


i’m really glad you guys understand how important this is


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It’s out there. Now everybody knows.. (x)

Almost Spoiler-free Summary of Cap 2

Steve: Let's be friends
Nat: No. *vaguely alludes to tragic backstory*
Steve: *jumps off stuff*
Steve: Let's be friends
Fury: Hell no. *vaguely alludes to tragic backstory*
Steve: *jumps off stuff*
Steve: We're friends
Bucky: *doesn't remember tragic backstory*
Steve: *jumps off stuff*
Steve: Let's be friends
Steve: *jumps off stuff with Sam*

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aou is basically fucking up their entire backgrounds firstly because marvel can’t say the word “mutants” in this ‘verse or else risk a lawsuit from 20th century fox, and secondly because whedon doesn’t care

This is so incredibly disappointing, like their background and identity is so important to who they are and to people invested in these character. Like if they can’t use the word ‘mutant’ - fine, but that doesn’t mean their whole past needs to be reinvented, wtf???

Okay, I’m a little out of the loop - so is it just that the casting for Wanda and Pietro are British actors? or are they honestly going to ret-con their whole past to be that of British people ???

I really think you're taking the casting of the Maximoff twins way too personally. I'm sure Joss Whedon wasn't out to offend you when he made his decision. He wanted two young fresh up and coming actors who already had Hollywood acclaim and that is understandable.


hey pal, fuck you.

joss whedon probably wasn’t out to offend me personally, no, but guess what butterplum, he did anyway.

because i grew up in a neighbourhood where the other parents told their children they weren’t allowed to play with me because i was dirty and untrustworthy and a thief.
because i had ethnic slurs hurled at me from my fellow students and other residents throughout the majority of my life. because the german word for gypsy was spraypainted onto our house wall 8 times throughout the years we lived there and, on one memorable occasion, keyed into my mum’s car.
because my mum’s mother died in a russian concentration camp and no one would help her father raise his five daughters alone because everyone viewed him as waste, expendable.
because my mother eventually had to fend for herself on the streets as an orphan when she was only 13 years old because she had literally no other choice. because she was mistreated in the orphanage she eventually went to, and because she was thrown out of three schools for “misconduct” that was really just profiling based on the fact that she had roma heritage.
because even though she managed to leave that part of her life mostly behind and found a family and get a job, her sisters weren’t so lucky. one of them permanently ended up in a mental institution after being denied healthcare by the country she lived in due to her heritage and her psychosis grew unchecked until it evolved into fullblown schizophrenia. one of them killed herself. she hasn’t heard from the other two in years and isn’t even sure if they’re alive anymore.
because 90% of roma people live in poverty. because 45% of those fall under extreme poverty with living conditions without water and electricity and basic things like food. (x)

so yes, i take it personally. because it is fucking personal.
the maximoffs were literally the only representation of romani people i’ve encountered so far that weren’t either a stereotype or a criminal. the fact that they were allowed to be heroes and stand for positive ideals despite their background was revolutional for me when i first learned about them, because my entire life i’ve been made to feel that being roma is bad and disgusting.

it’s bad enough that wanda maximoff was already turned into an ableist joke and fridged twice in the comics.

and joss whedon looked at their background history and how hugely important it is for minorities and deemed it not important enough to be included.
that’s especially horrible considering the fact that not only are roma people treated like scum everywhere, anti-semitism is still very much a constant threat to jewish people everywhere and anti-semitic hate crimes are on a rise.

the fact that joss whedon didn’t even waste one thought on the repercussions of his decision when he retconned the maximoff twins to be british is frankly disgusting and speaks volumes about the kind of person he is.
and if you look at his decision and find absolutely nothing wrong with it, then it speaks volumes about the kind of person you are, too.