i read it, but dont you think it's a little too much? i mean i dont even follow her because lets face it, shes a bitch, but thats her character and who she is, but fuck that, why would you spend your time on writing a letter to her? what if he doesnt read it, or even if she does, she probably wont care?

Honestly, I don’t think it’s a bit too much considering the lies she’s spread have spread far into the fandom and how her attitude and the attitude of some of her followers have negatively affected others in fandom. I know plenty of people who have been harassed on her account. This idea was not my own, it was suggested to me and I thought it over and felt…yes…it was necessary.

Considering her following is HUGE she has the potential to do a lot of damage and she has done a lot of damage already. All we’re really looking for is to expose that this is what is going on and people should be aware of it. She might not read it at all. I have doubts that she’ll read it. She’s received plenty of non-rude requests asking for sources to the things she posts but they’ve either not gotten an answer or were treated with histrionics so I honestly don’t know if she’ll address this at all. 

I spent the time because I care about my fellow bloggers who have been mistreated and I care that people are possibly making things up entirely out of thin air and spreading them as truths (which has caused some problems for Tom too.) 

BTW: We’re not bored. We’re genuinely upset and we’d appreciate it if our concerns and grievances were not disparaged or disregarded.