I see. It's sweet how you care for fellow members of the fandom, though the fact that you say that she has caused problems for Tom makes me laugh, since if it really is a lie and there is no source, there could not be a problem. Oh well. I don't understand why you all can't just block her, since that seems like a solution to all of the problems you have mentioned. Happy tumblring to you.

I said:

 I care that people are possibly making things up entirely out of thin air and spreading them as truths (which has caused some problems for Tom too.)

…the last bit is in part reference to the incident where a fake Thor 2 account was created. “Tom Hiddleston” promised to give fans Loki pictures, it turned out to be a joke (he didn’t say that at all)…and he received a lot of hate for it. An article was published about it here. Tomhiddles’ tumblr was linked in the article for helping to spread the rumor because she apologized publicly for spreading the rumor. Which isn’t necessarily her fault if she didn’t know it was false.

So when I say people, I mean there are others who do this as well. We really do not know 100% if the interview she GIF’d was false or if she misunderstood what the other interviews were saying. We just don’t know. But there is no evidence that it exists and she has not given a source even when asked. Considering that people did get up in a fuss about what was said in the interview, it could potentially be damaging to Tom. Aside from this, the rude behavior on her end or from her “40k+ followers” is still a problem. Many people have blocked her and have her tumblr savior’d that doesn’t make the problem go away.