look, I am invading your safe space! Here, hear the truth: asexuality is not a thing. You are just ugly and noone wanted to date you, so you made up a thing to cuddle your lonely self as you cry into your pillow. Also, I hope you get raped. It has a dual benefit, you'll get laid finally AND put you into your place as well. Funsies!

tw: rape

See, this is the kind of bullshit asexuals face…

It’s really funny how you assume things about myself without even knowing me solely based on the fact that I identify as asexual. 

It doesn’t matter if no one wanted to date me or if people did want to date me, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m asexual. I do not experience sexual attraction. That’s it. How hard is that to understand?

I hope you end up imprisoned for sending rape threats to people. You’re absolutely disgusting. If you made that threat to me in public I would not hesitate to beat the ever living shit out of you in self defense.